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By John Dondzila


With your Vectrex turned off, insert the Vector Vaders cartridge into the cartridge slot of your Vectrex. Push it in carefully until it will not go any further. Make sure the label that says "THIS SIDE UP" is facing up. Inserting the cartridge with the label facing down can damage either the cartridge or your Vectrex!

Turn your Vectrex on. You will see the familiar title screen. After a few seconds the game will start. The Vector Vaders title screen will then appear. You can either wait or press the "4" button to get to the game screen.

When you get the game screen, you will see the following:

Your score, displayed in the upper right corner of the screen. The Vaders, marching across the screen, The bunkers at the bottom of the screen, The level number, in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Press button "3" to start the game.

Your base will appear underneath the first bunker. Your base will move left by pushing the "1" button and move right by pushing the "2" button.

To fire a missile, press the "4" button. As with many "Invader" type games, your missile must either hit a target or reach the top of the screen before you can fire again.

The Vaders will march left and right across the screen. When they get to either side of the screen, they will step down getting closer to you. The Vaders objective is to overrun your base. If any Vader gets down to your base, then the game is over.

The object of course, is to shoot down all the Vaders. Shooting all the Vaders will start a new level where the Vaders will start closer to you.

The Vaders score points as follows: Top row = 30 points each. 2nd and 3rd row = 20 points each. Bottom 2 rows = 10 points each.

Occasionally a flying saucer will pass overhead. Hitting the saucer will randomly award you either 50,100,150 or 300 points.

Of course, the Vaders will shoot back at you. The bunkers will provide pretty good protection for awhile, but any bunker that is shot 16 times (by either you or the Vaders) will be obliterated and you will lose that protection.

If the Vaders overrun the bunkers, then all 4 bunkers will be obliterated and you will have no protection from the Vader's fire.

Whenever you lose a ship (or start the game), you will see your remaining ships displayed in the upper left corner of the screen for a few seconds.

You start the game with 3 ships. Everytime you get hit by a Vader missile, you die and lose a ship. Losing all ships will end the game.

You can win an extra ship if you score 3000 points. It is difficult, but not impossible.

If you beat the current high score, it will be displayed on the title screen after the game is over. The high score will not get erased until you turn the Vectrex off.

You can even press RESET and still keep the high score.

The "shimmering" effect that you see when a level starts is normal. The Vectrex can only draw so many Vectors before this happens. This will also slow down the game a bit, but after you shoot down a few Vaders, things will speed up to normal.

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