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The dastardly villain, Spud, has kidnapped our heroine, the lovely and oh so innocent, Molly, and taken her far away to his secret hideout. "Eek! Help, Spike!"

Spike, our courageous hero and Molly's true love, races to her rescue. He'll be relying on your skills and split-second timing to help him in his quest to save poor Molly. Maneuver Spike through treacherous obstacles and avoid the dangerous creatures along the way to Spud's hideout. If you're successful, Spike can rescue Molly and the two will live happily ever after - that is until Spud strikes again. "Oh. No!"

Setting up

Spike Controls

Moves Spike back and forth across the moving sidewalks. Also used to help Spike climb up and down ladders.

Ladder/Cage (button 1)
Changes the position of the ladder and the cage on the top level. Also selects one or two-player game.

Kick Left (button 2)
Controls Spike's left kick.

Kick Right (button 3)
Controls Spike's right kick.

Jump (button 4)
Used in conjunction with the joystick to help Spike jump over hazards and from one sidewalk to another.

How to Play

Spike can be played with one or two players. In the two-player game, only the built in control panel is used and the play alternates between the players each time a Spike is defeated.

Player Selection
When 'PLAYER 1' appears on the screen, press Button 1 once to switch to a two player game. 'PLAYER 2' will then be displayed on the screen. To return to a one-player game, press Button 1 again before starting game play.

Starting Game Play
The game starts when Button 4 is pressed.

Game Play
Our lovely and innocent heroine, Molly, has been kidnapped by the evil Spud! Only Spike can save her from this fate worse that death! Spike will have to be maneuvered through treacherous obstacles and dodge dangerous creatures along the way so be prepared for evil encounters... of the worst kind!

As soon as Spike kicks open the door to the villain Spud's hideaway, the game field appears. Spike enters on the bottom catwalk... and then you have control of Spike!

There are three catwalks connected by a moveable ladder. Above the top catwalk, Molly has been imprisoned by Spud inside a cell with bars on the window. In order to help Spike rescue poor Molly, you must maneuver him to the pick up the key to the cell - then get him to the top catwalk using the ladders. The ladders can be moved by pressing Button 1. The key will appear on your screen in different locations so you'll have to move Spike quickly to pick it up.

When Spike reaches the top level and possesses the key to Molly's cell, help him free his true love by positioning him under the cage and jumping to rescue her! If Spike is defeated, he'll have to start again from the bottom catwalk!

After your first round, Spud's evil Bouncers appear as Spike's opponents. They'll do anything to keep Spike away from Molly's secret prison cell! On the third and successive rounds, Birds join the Bouncers in their attack against Spike! As the game progresses, these creatures will move faster and faster. Help Spike kick the Bouncers and Birds and earn extra points.

Look for Molly's bow after the first round of play. This bow will fall from her cell, and if Spike catches it, all opponents will freeze for a short time, allowing him to advance more safely toward Molly's cell.

Spike is allowed four defeats in each game (more if you earn additional lives during the course of gameplay). He can be defeated by falling from a catwalk with no catwalk underneath... by falling off the side of the screen... or by contact with a Bird or Bouncer.

As you progress through higher levels of the game, the catwalks will change direction each time Spike destroys a Bouncer or Bird with his powerful kick.

In a one-player game, play continues until Spike has suffered four defeats. In a two-player game, play continues until both players have suffered all four defeats... high score determines the winner.

The Heroes and Villains

Spike is our hero and the character you control! By using the joystick, make him walk left or right on the catwalks or climb up and down ladders connecting the three levels or help him jump over hazards (the joystick and Button 4 are used simultaneously for the jump feature). Remember that Spike can kick both right and left when he's on a catwalk and when he's jumping... but never on a ladder!

Spud is the villain and Molly's evil kidnapper. He appears on the screen, kidnaps our poor heroine and then disappears, locking Molly in his secret prison cell.

Molly, our heroine, is kidnapped and taken to Spud's hideout. Until Spike rescues her, all we will see of poor Molly is her bow which gently drops from her cell onto the catwalks to signal Spike and help lead him to her rescue.

Bouncers don't look terribly evil, but watch out! They bounce and move horizontally across the catwalks... and they're out to get poor Spike! These are Spud's pets... they'll do anything to keep Spike from getting to Molly's cell.

Birds have flapping wings and are the most dangerous opponents. They will move across the screen above a catwalk - and they can swoop down a level and attack our hero! Birds are also controlled by the villainous Spud, so watch your step!


Earn points as follows:

Kicking a Bouncer
Kick a Bird
Collecting a Key
Opening Molly's Cell  

Earn a bonus life (an additional allowed defeat) for each 10,000 points earned.

High Score Memory

As long as your machine is on with the cartridge in place, the high score is retained. Once the machine is turned off and the cartridge is removed, the high score is lost. To view the high score, press the Reset Button on the console.

Restarting the Game

To restart after a completed game with the same number of players, simply push any of the buttons on the control panel. If you wish to restart the game before it is completed or change the number of players, press the Reset Button on the console.

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