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Terrorist missiles are in flight and on route to your country. You control the tracking system of the most advanced Patriot missile system in the world.

It is your mission to shoot down every incoming missile and protect the cities in your country.



With your Vectrex turned off, insert the Patriots game cartridge into the Vectrex cartridge slot with the label side up.

Inserting the cartridge upside down could possibly damage the cartridge or your Vectrex.

Turn the Vectrex on. You will see the familiar Vectrex start up screen and shortly the Patriots introduction screen will appear.



At any time during the Patriots title screen, press button 1 to begin.

You will see a game option screen. Press button 2 to select the targeting speed. 1 is slowest, 4 is fastest. Press button 4 to start playing.

When the game starts, you will see a crosshair in the center of the screen.

Use the joystick control to move the crosshair up, down or diagonally.

If you feel the crosshair moves too slow, you may press button 1 at any time during the game to change the speed of the crosshair.

At the bottom left and right corners of the screen you will see two rectangular objects. These are the Patriot missile launchers. As the site moves around, the launchers will track your site.

Pressing button 3 will fire a Patriot from the left launcher. Pressing button 4 will fire a Patriot from the right launcher. The Patriot will streak towards the last position of the crosshair at the time it was fired. When the Patriot reaches this location it will detonate. When it detonates, an explosion will grow in size and intensity.

When that explosion reaches its peak, it will the shrink and fade. Any enemy objects caught in the explosion before it starts to fade will be destroyed.

Underneath each launcher is a line. This line represents how many Patriots that launcher has left. The line will grow shorter each time you fire. When the line is gone, you have used up that launchers supply of Patriots.

The amount of Patriots that you have in supply will increase during each level.

At the bottom of the screen are six diamond shaped objects. These objects represent your cities. If an enemy missile detonates too close to a city, that city will be destroyed. When all six cities have been destroyed, the game is over.



Enemy missiles will start at the top of the screen They are represented by bright white dots with dim lines showing their vapor trail. They will close in on your cities and launchers When they hit the ground, they will detonate. Any city or launcher caught in their explosion will be destroyed

To destoy a missile, target the bright dot and fire. Any missile caught in your Patriot's explosion will be destroyed in the air. Any nearby missiles or targets will also be caught in the explosion, resulting in brilliant chain reactions.

During the game, enemy planes and spacecraft will pass overhead. If you do not destroy them quickly, they will launch more missiles at you and your cities.

Smart missiles will also appear during the game These diamond shaped objects will home in on a single city or launcher. If a Patriot detonates below a smart missile, the smart missile may be able to evade the explosion and continue on course.

When you have destroyed all of the enemy missiles in a level, you will be awarded bonus points for remaining Patriots in your launchers and any cities that have not been destroyed

The amount of enemy missiles that attack will increase after each level

If both of your Patriot launchers are destroyed or are empty, the game will speed up rapidly to end the level



Your score is shown at the bottom center of the screen.

The game score and level indicator will tell you alot.

The first six levels are score multipliers. Any object hit will score points multiplied by that score multiplier. The maximum multiplier is 6.

Hit enemy missiles are 10 points
Hit spaceships/planes are 25 points
Hit smart missiles are 50 points
Leftover patriots are 5 points each
Surviving cities are 50 points each

Everytime your score hits a multiple of 10,000 you will receive a bonus city. Any city destroyed will be replaced by a bonus city. You can win up to 6 bonus cities per game



Should you need to take a break to do something else, a pause feature is also included in Patriots. During game play, you can press button 2 to pause the game. Press button 2 again to unpause the game.

There is a secret game contained within the Patriots game program. There are hints on the box cover and in this manual to help you find it.

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