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Will you have a championship season or just be an also-ran? You're in control as head coach of this championship caliber squad. Run, pass, punt, kick field goals - all the excitement of a real game. Play against the computer's tough defense or invite a visiting coach to join in a real showdown!

Setting up

Blitz! Controls

As a one player game, Blitz! is designed to be played with the built-in control panel. For two player game play, a second control panel is needed (sold separately). The functions of the controls are the same on both panels, as follows:

On offense, moves the ball carrier around the field. On defense, controls one of your men.

Strong Left or Field Goal Select (button 1)
Moves your men into a strong left formation. Also used to select field goal formation.

Power Middle or Punt Select (button 2)
Moves your men into a power middle formation. Also used to select punt formation.

Spread or Pass or Kick (button 3)
Moves your men into a spread formation. Also used to release a pass or kick.

Strong Right or Snap (button 4)
Moves your men into a strong right formation. Also used to snap the ball.

How to Play

Player Selection
Blitz! can be played as a one or two player game. When 'PLAYER 1 - GAME 1' appears on the screen, press Button 1 on the built-in control panel once to switch to a two player game. 'PLAYER 2 - GAME 1' will then show on the screen. When played as a two player game, a second control panel in necessary. You can return to a one player game by pressing Button 1 again before starting game play.

Game Selection
You have the choice of 3 game options. Each game operates the same way, but they vary in speed and difficulty. Game 1 is the slowest and easiest while Game 3 is the fastest and most difficult. When 'PLAYER 1 - GAME 1' appears on the screen, press Button 2 to change to the game you wish to play. For example, if you press Button 2 twice, 'PLAYER 1 - GAME 3' will appear on the screen. If you do no choose a particular game, Game 1 will be chosen for you.

Starting Game Play
Once you select the number of players, and the game number, press button 4 for kick-off formation. In a one player game, you control the "X" team and the computer controls the "O" team. In a two player game, the left control panel controls the "O" team.

Game Play
As the crowd cheers, both sides take the field and prepare for the kick-off of a 5 minute game. The object of the game is the same as the pros - try to get 10 yards in 4 downs on your way to a touchdown. The down number and yards to go are shown at the bottom of the screen and the first down marker is shown on the left side of the field.

In a one-player game, the kick-off will happen automatically. In a two player game, the "O" player (the one using the left control panel) will press button 3 to kick-off. Once the ball lands, the offensive player will have to recover the ball and run back downfield. Once tackled, the field will rotate 180° because the offense will always move from the bottom of the screen to the top.

At the start of each down, the offensive player selects his team's formation with one of the four buttons. If two people are playing, the defensive player then chooses a formation. In a one player game, the computer will select a defensive formation. As the offensive player, you control the brightly lit character on the field. You can move him anywhere behind the line of scrimmage prior to the snap of the ball. Once you snap the ball, by pressing button 4, you control the player with the ball. The ball will always be snapped to the player immediately behind the ball. As a defensive player, you always control the brightly lit defensive character.

Just like the real game, you better watch the clock, too. You only have 30 seconds to snap the ball once the formations are set. Otherwise, a delay of game penalty will be called. Once the ball is snapped you have the options of running, passing, punting, or attempting a field goal. You're the coach, so anticipate the action as you lead your team down the field.

There are 5 basic positions you can line your men up in:

[NOTE: the "O" is the football.]

Strong Left
(Button 1)
Power Middle
(Button 2)
X X   X X
(Button 3)
   X   X
X         X
Strong Right
(Button 4)
Punting or Field Goal
(See "Kicking" section)

X     X X
   X      X
  X     X
X          X

You can run on any down. Push the joystick to move your player in any direction.

You also have the options to pass on any down. To pass the ball, first snap to your quarterback Be careful to stay behind the line of scrimmage! Wait for one of your men to get clear, aim the joystick toward him, and then press button 3 to release the pass. You can continue to control the ball slightly by using the joystick until the pass is caught or falls to the ground. Make sure an opponent isn't in range of your pass because you might get intercepted! If the pass is complete, you control the receiver and can continue to run downfield.

You also have the option of punting and kicking field goals. To attempt a punt, first set your men up in any formation. Once your opponent sets up his men, press button 2 to change your men to punt formation. Press button 4 to snap the ball to your punter. Just like passing, point your joystick in the desired direction of your kick and press button 3.

To kick a field goal, first select any formation. Once your opponent sets up his men, press button 3 to change your men to field goal formation. The goal posts will appear. Snap the ball, line up with the goal posts, aim the direction of your kick with the joystick and press button 3 to actually kick. To punt of kick, you must be behind the line of scrimmage. From either punt or field goal formation you have the option of running with the ball once the ball is snapped. However, you do not have the option of passing from either formation.

Getting Tackled
Once you are tackled by an opponent or run out of bounds, the official will blow a whistle and the play will be over. Both teams come out again ready for the next play.

There are two penalties in Blitz!:
Delay of Game: If you take more that 30 seconds to snap the ball after the formations are set, this penalty will be called. You will lose five yards. The clock will not start again until the ball is snapped.
Offside: If you are across the line of scrimmage when the ball is snapped, this penalty will be called. You will lose five yards. The clock will start again as soon as your new formation is in place.

Don't forget, Blitz! is just like real football. Therefore, the ball will be turned over to your opponent if you do not make a first down in 4 tries.

One Player Game
When playing against the computer, you are always the offensive team. When the computer takes possession of the ball he will either punt or attempt a field goal. However, remember to set up a defensive formation before he can attempt to kick or punt.

Self Play Mode
If you do not choose a formation within 2 minutes, the game will go into a self play mode. Formations and snaps will happen automatically. You will still have control over the movements of the players, but the computer will continue to choose formations and snap the ball until the game is over. You can end the self play mode only by pressing the Reset Button on the console.


There are three ways to score:

Action How Occurs Points
Touchdown Carry or pass the ball into opponent's end zone.
Field Goal Kick ball through opponent's goal posts.
Safety Tackle opponent in his own end zone.

After each score the ball must be kicked-off to continue the game. In a one player game, the kick-off will happen automatically. In a two player game, the scoring team should press button 3 to kick-off.


At the end of the game, a statistic page will appear, recapping the game. It will show the following statistic for both the Home Team (player 1) and the Visiting Team (player 2 or computer):

1st Downs
Yds Rushing
Yds Passing

Additionally, the longest single run and longest single pass of the game will be listed.

High Score Memory

As long as your machine is on, with the Blitz! cartridge in place, the high score is retained. Once the machine is turned off and the cartridge is removed, the high score is lost. To view the high score, press the Reset Button on the console.

Restarting the Game

To restart after a completed game with the same number of players and game play option, press any of the 4 buttons once the game is over. If you wish to restart the game before it is completed, or change the number of players or game play options, press the Reset Button on the console.

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