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Maneuver your humanoid through the electrified mazes of robot filled rooms. You may kill the first group of robots but initial success does not mean survival . . . future groups begin firing at you! Added danger lurks when Evil Otto enters. He can jump the maze walls and squash you if you linger too long!

Setting up

Berzerk Controls

Berzerk is designed to be played with the built-in control panel only. The functions of the controls are:

Moves your humanoid forward through the maze. Moves in the eight directions indicated on the overlay.

Fire (button 4)
Shoot bullets at Robots while moving forward.

How to Play

Player Selection
Berzerk can be played as a one or two player game. When 'PLAYER 1' appears on the screen, press Button 1 once to switch to a two player game. 'PLAYER 2' will then show on the screen. When played as a two player game, only the built-in control panel is used and the players take turns using this control panel. You can return to a one player game by pressing Button 1 again before starting game play.

Starting Game Play
Once you select the number of players, press Button 4 to enter the first maze and start game play.

There are 3 types of characters who will appear in the mazes: The Humanoid (you), the Robots, and Evil Otto.

Game Play
As your humanoid enters the electrified maze, he will blink on and off. Use the joystick to run through the maze in any of 8 directions. As you run, you will be attempting to destroy the Robots who inhabit the maze. As you run, press button 4 to shoot bullets in the direction you are moving. Be careful not to walk into the walls or into a Robot - they are electrified and can destroy you. You can escape the maze at any time by running through any of the indicated exits. Every time you exit a maze, you will automatically be transported to another maze filled with Robots.

Number of Robots
There may be from 1 to 11 Robots in each maze

Evil Otto
In addition to the Robots, Evil Otto will appear later and will try to destroy you by crushing you. He can jump over walls and cannot be destroyed by your bullets, so your only hope is to run to the next maze.

Getting Hit
If you are hit by a Robot or Evil Otto, you will lose a man and be automatically transported to another maze.

Types of Robots
At first, it will be easy to shoot the Robots because they do not fire bullets at you. However, as your score gets higher, the Robots get meaner. They will shoot more bullets and move more quickly.

Number of Humanoids
At the beginning of the game, you will have 3 Humanoids. A bonus Humanoid is awarded for each 5000 points scored.


Each Robot you destroy is worth 50 points. If the whole maze is cleared, you receive a bonus of 10 points for each Robot that was in the maze.

High Score Memory

As long as your machine is on, with the Berzerk cartridge in place, the high score is retained. Once the machine is turned off and the cartridge is removed, the high score is lost. To view the high score, press the Reset Button on the console.

Restarting the Game

To restart after a completed game with the same number of players, simply push Buttons 1, 2, or 3.

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