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Looking at the All Good Things game cartridge, you will see that it is a slightly modified Intellivision game cartridge. I was originally using Radio Shack mini project cases but had a difficult time obtaining them in any quantities.

With your Vectrex turned off, insert the cartridge label side up into the Vectrex cartridge port until it stops moving. You can most definitely ignore the original "INSERT TO LINE" imprinted on the Intellivision cart.

With the cartridge fully inserted, you can now turn on the Vectrex. You will see the brief intro screen followed by the All Good Things title/credits screen.

To go to the game title screen, press Button (4). This will cycle through the games in the following order: Rockaroids, More Invaders, Vectris and Spike's Water Balloons.

The title screens are pretty basic. After all, we are talking about a 16K game cart with four great games on it.

To play the selected game, press Button (1).

As mentioned before, there is also a secret game included with the All Good Things game cart. It's a neat little puzzle game which took me only two days to write. Finding it is up to you! It shouldn't be too hard, and me giving any hints would make it too easy.


When the title screen appears, press Button (1) to begin playing the game

The object of the game is to destroy the space rocks (rockaroids) that appear around you. At the start of each level, the rockaroids will appear around the edges of the screen and randomly float around the playfield.

Your ship will appear in the center of the screen. You control your ship with the button controllers. Buttons (1) and (2) rotate your ship left and right.

Button (4) activates your thrusters, which propel your ship in the direction the nose of the ship is facing.

Gravity is in effect, and releasing the thrust will not stop your ship. You must turn your ship around and apply short bursts of thrust to slow down.

Button (3) fires your ship's weapons. You can fire up to four shots at one time.

Pulling down on the joystick will engage your ship's hyperspace engines. Your ship will temporarily disappear and reappear randomly elsewhere on the playfield.

Hyperspace engines are finicky! Sometimes up re-entry, your ship will destroy itself. Sometimes you will reappear directly in front of a moving rockaroid. Use hyperspace wisely.

Shooting a large rock will split it into two smaller rocks. Shooting a smaller rock will split it into an even smaller rock. Shooting the smallest rocks will destroy them.

Once you have destroyed all the rockaroids, you will be transported to a more difficult level.

If your ship collides with a rockaroid, your ship will be destroyed. You begin the game with four ships. Once all of your ships are destroyed, the game is over.

An extra ship is awarded everytime your score reaches a multiple of 10,000.

At the start of every level, or anytime you are destroyed and use a reserve ship, your ship will become temporarily invincible. This will last for a few seconds, but gives you enough time to get out of the way of any nearby rockaroids, saucers or enemy fire.

During gameplay, enemy flying saucers will pass across the screen, shooting you as they go. Large saucers shoot randomly, however the smaller saucers can target you precisely. It's best to keep moving when a small saucer appears to avoid being shot down.

Large saucers score 200 points each, and small saucers score 1000 points each. Saucers can be destroyed if they collide with rockaroids, however you do not receive points if they do.

Shooting a large rockaroid will score 10 points. Shooting a medium rockaroid will score 20 points and destroying a small rockaroid will score 50 points.

You begin the game with 3 ships. When all your ships have been destroyed, the game is over.


More Invaders! is the sequel to the popular Vector Vaders game.

It is faster, has little screen flicker, and the Invaders have more tricks for fighting you.

At the title screen, press Button (1) to begin the game. Your base will appear at the bottom of the screen. Your base will flash for a few seconds, at which time you will be invincible to enemy fire.

Move your base left or right with Buttons (1) and (2). To fire your laser, press Button (4).

Above your base are four protective bunkers, with which you can move under to protect yourself from enemy fire. Every time a bunker is hit by either yours or enemy fire, it will dim slightly. Eventually, it will weaken completely and it will be destroyed.

At the top of the screen are the invaders. There are 6 rows with 8 invaders per row. The invaders will slowly march back and forth across the screen. When they hit the side of the screen, they will reverse direction as well as step down closer to you. If any invader overruns your base, then the game is over.

The object of the game is to shoot down all the invaders before they can overrun your bases. Once all the invaders have been destroyed, a new level will appear and they will begin closer to your bases.

As you shoot down invaders, they will march faster and faster. The last invader left will move very fast and you will need some good timing to hit him.

Hitting invaders will score as follows: Top 2 rows are 30 points each, the two middle rows are 20 points each and the bottom two rows are 10 points each.

During the game, enemy saucers will pass across the top of the screen. Shooting down a saucer will score random points of either 50, 100, 150 or 300 points. Watch out - Saucers shoot back!

You begin the game with three bases. If you are hit by invader fire, you lose a base. Losing all three bases will end the game.

You can win an extra base by scoring 5,000 points.

You can win 500-1000 point bonuses at the end of each level. You'll have to figure out how on your own.

Starting with level 2, some invaders will split into two smaller invaders when you hit them. Hitting these smaller invaders will score the same point values depending on which row they are in.

Good Luck!


Press Button (1) at the title screen to begin the game.

You will see a pit on the screen. At the top of the pit your first game piece will appear. This piece will slowly drop towards the bottom of the pit. There are seven different pieces, each made up of four small blocks. You can move the piece left and right with the joystick and make it drop faster by pulling down on the joystick. You can rotate the piece left with Button (3) and right with Button (4). When the piece hits the bottom of the pit it will stop and stay there. The next game piece will start at the top of the screen. The next game piece to be played will always appear in the upper left corner of the screen. The pieces are generated at random. There is absolutely no sneaky or tricky programming that will keep you from getting certain pieces. The pit is 10 squares wide by 16 high. The object of the game is to fit the pieces together so that you have 10 full squares going across horizontally. This is called making a "line". Making a line will make that line disappear, and any pieces above that line will drop down and fill in the empty space. The more lines you make at once, the higher score you can get. Since the longest piece is four blocks long, you can make up to four lines at once!. Every 10 lines that you make will increase the skill level. This will cause the pieces to fall quicker. In the top right corner of the screen is the total number of lines that you have scored for the game.

Press Button (2) will activate the pause feature, which will also display your total score, level and how many lines you have made for this game.

Creating lines scores as follows: One Line = 100 points / Two Lines = 200 points / Three Lines = 300 points / Four Lines = 1000 points. If the pieces in the pit fills up to the top, you will lose the game.

Vectris unfortunately suffers from a severe case of "flickeritis". You will notice that the playing pieces tend to flicker (or shimmer). This is a side effect from drawing too many objects on the screen at once. This is not caused by a defect in your Vectrex or the game cartridge.


When the title screen appears, press Button (1) to begin the game. When you push the joystick left, Spike will walk left. When you push the joystick right, Spike will walk right. Leaving the joystick centered will not move Spike at all.

During the game, you can control how fast Spike walks by press Button (1) for slow, Button (2) for fast, and Button (3) for fastest. At the top of the screen you will see Molly in the upper left corner and two numbers on the right. The top number is how many water balloons you have popped, and the bottom number is how many tries you have left. You begin the game with 4 tries. When you use up all your tries, the game is over. When the game starts, Spud will begin dropping balloons down towards you. Move Spike underneath the balloons. Spike can only pop balloons on his two top spikes. If Spike misses a balloon, it will hit the floor and break, and Spike will lose a try and have to start the level over again. If Spike is fast enough, he can "Kick" a water balloon back up towards Spud. Press Button (4) to make Spike kick. When the balloon reaches the top of the screen, it wall start falling towards Spike again. If you pop all the balloons, you will proceed to a faster, harder level with more balloons. The object of the game is to see how many balloons you can catch (pop) with your three tries. Molly will be proud of you no matter how you do...

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