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Climb aboard the Crazy Coaster and get ready for a roller coaster ride more dangerous and exciting than any you've experienced before! The magic of Vectrex 3-D makes your ride so real... you'll feel yourself leaning with the G-force!

You control the movements of the passenger in the lead car as he plummets down the spectacularly steep hills and careens around the gravity-defying curves of the Crazy Coaster. Will you be able to keep his arms raised throughout the ride without sending him flying off into space?!

Setting up

3-D Crazy Coaster Controls

3-D Crazy Coaster is played with the built-in control panel only. The functions of the controls are:

Push forward to make the coaster go faster, backward to make it go slower. Push to left or right to lean passenger in left or right direction.

Duck (button 2)
Causes passenger to duck his head (and lower arms if raised) to avoid low-flying birds and other objects.

Raise Arms (button 3)
Causes passenger to raise his arms and earn bonus points.

Grab (button 4)
Causes passenger to grab restrainer bar.

How to Play

Starting Game Play
3-D Crazy Coaster is a one-player game. After the cartridge is inserted, you will see the Vectrex title for a few seconds followed by the name of the game. The game will then start automatically.

Game Play
Your goal in 3D-Crazy Coaster is to ride a wild roller coaster as fast and as far as possible. There are steep hills, right turns, left turns, and even low-flying birds! The faster you go, the more dangerous it will be... but you'll score more points too.

When speeding around curves, push the joystick left and right to make your passenger lean in the correct direction. If he leans too much, the coaster will slow down and lose precious time. If he doesn't lean at all, he could fly right out of the coaster! For added danger and excitement, use Button 3 to raise your passenger's arms and score bonus points! But be careful... with arms raised your passenger will be twice as likely to fly out of the coaster. Use Button 4 to grab the restrainer bar just in time before the coaster makes a sharp turn or reaches a hilltop. Whenever birds fly at you, press Button 2 to duck. Otherwise, you will be knocked out of the car. Also duck when ice cream cones and other objects come at you; if they hit you, you will lose your vision for awhile.

(Note: If your arms are already raised, they will automatically be lowered when you 'duck'.)

Number of Passengers

In each game you have four passengers. If a passenger flies out of the coaster or gets knocked out by the birds, you will lose the time it takes for another passenger to appear, and the game will continue at the point where the previous passenger was lost. The game will end when all four passengers have been lost.


Your score is based on how fast your coaster travels as well as the total distance it travels with the four passengers. The faster the average speed and the further the coaster goes, the higher your score. Your speed points will be doubled while your arms are raised.

High Score Memory

As long as your machine is on, with the 3-D Crazy Coaster cartridge in place, the high score is retained. Once the machine is turned off and the cartridge is removed, the high score is lost. To check the high score, press the Reset Button on the console.

Restarting the Game

To restart after a completed game, simply press any of the buttons on the control panel.

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