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Welcome to the unofficial Vectrex Video Game Instruction Site.
Here you will find the instructions for almost all of the Vectrex video games.
3D Crazy Coaster
3D Mine Storm
3D Narrow Escape
All Good Things (J Dondzila) 
Armor Attack
Art Master
Clean Sweep
Cosmic Chasm
Dark Tower
Fortress of Narzod
Heads Up Action Soccer
Melody Master
Mine Storm/Mine Storm II 
Patriots (J Dondzila)
Polar Rescue
Pole Position
Rip Off
Solar Quest
Space Wars
Spike Hoppin' (J Dondzila)
Star Castle
Star Hawk
Star Trek: The Motion Picture
Vector Vaders (J Dondzila)
Web Wars
Vectrex Owner's Manual

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Special thanks to John Dondzila for permission to post his game instructions!

Vectrex - released in late 1982, Vectrex is one of the shortest lived systems around. However, it did have it's own unique personality, and has developed a cult status among video game players. The system uses vector graphics (like Asteroids) on it's own built in black and white display. Combined with an excellant sound processor and it's own unique 360° joystick, many of the games for this system were of arcade quality.

During it's short lifespan, some peripherals were produced for the Vectrex, such as the 3-D glasses and the Light Pen. Both of these saw limited release and only had a handful of game made specifically for them.

The main failing point for the system was that it came out during the video game crash of 1983-1984, from which it did not survive. However, to this very day, new games are constantly (but slowly) being developed by independant programmers (John Dondzila and others). If you ever see one of these systems at a flee marker or rummage, grab it! You won't regret it.

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