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Ozyr's Video Game Picks

Here is a roster of all the systems I've had over the years, with a short listing of my top ranking games for each system.


This system just doesn't have a top game for it. Jumpbug and Funky fish are
some of the better games, but they are not 'tops'.

Atari 2600

Frogger (Arcadia Corp) - Best version by far - I can't believe this is on a 2600!
Millipede (Atari) - Much better than Centipede - the action is non-stop.
Robot Tank (Activision) - A fantastic first-person perspective tank game.
Solar Fox (CBS Electronics) - A simple but highly addictive space game.
Warlords (Atari) - Flinging fireballs at your friends was never so much fun.

Atari 5200

Millipede (Atari) - Version good version of this arcade marvel.
(Atari) - The best version for any of the older game systems.
Wizard of Wor (Atari) - One of my favorite arcade games on a home system!

Atari 7800

Alien Brigade (Atari) - Tough and addictive game of destroying alien invaders.

Atari Jaguar

BattleMorph (Atari) CD - Many worlds to explore in this exciting space game.
Iron Soldier
(Atari) - My favorite game type - 1st-person perspective combat.
Iron Soldier II (Telegames) CD - Just as good as the original.
Missile Command 3D (Atari) - The virtual mode is breathtaking!
Rayman (Ubi Soft) - Cute side-scrolling game that is a blast to play.
Tempest 2000 (Atari) - The original remake of the arcade classic!

Atari Lynx

A.P.B. (Atari) - Chasing the bad guys while eating donuts - what fun.
Blue Lightning (Atari) - Jet combat with planes and missiles everywhere.
Klax (Atari) - The best home version of the Arcade classic.
Pinball Jam (Atari) - Two pinball games, with plenty of action and great sound.
Rampart (Atari) - Ready, Aim, Fire!
Roadblasters (Atari) - Driving game with a flare for the extreme!

Bally Astrocade

Incredible Wizard - Outstanding game, especially with two players.


Gyruss (Parker Brothers) - Planet-to-planet while fighting enemy spacecraft.
Pac-Man (Atari) - A recently found proto-type, that is fully playable!
Pepper II (Coleco) - Playing with zippers can be quite fun.
Q*bert (Parker Brother) - Almost as good as the Arcade game.

Fairchild Channel F

While my opinion on this system hasn't change dramtically, there are a few
good games for it, but they are not 'tops' (as with the Arcadia). The recent
Pac-Man clone in rather good, plus Dodge It and Allien Invasion are rather


AD&D Misty Mountain (Mattel) - Fight monsters to recover the crown.
BurgerTime (Mattel) - Make burgers by walking over the ingredients!
Tron Deadly Discs (Mattel) - A fight to the death with a frisbee for a weapon.
Utopia (Mattel) - Who thought running an island nation could be such a blast.

Nintendo Gamecube

Burnout 2: Point of Impact (Acclaim) - Crashing cars has never been this fun.
Metroid Prime (Nintendo) - Search and destroy in the marvelous space game.
TimeSplitters 2 (Edios Interactive, Inc.) - One of the best FPS I've ever played!
Viewtful Joe (Capcom Co., Ltd.) - Sidescroller game done very, very well.

Odyssey 2

Attack of the Timelord! (N.A.P) - Challenging shooter that is a blast to play.
Pick Axe Pete! (N.A.P) - One of the best platform games for the O2
Turtles! (N.A.P) - One of the few and great arcade ports for this system.
U.F.O. (Magnavox) - Outstanding space game that you just can't put down.

RCA Studio II

noddo - Even though it was my first system, all of the games for this system
are not very good. It's not as bad as the Channel F system, but it's close!


Mine Storm - As close to Asteroids as you can get on a home system.
Space Wars - Fantastic two player space combat game.
Web Wars - Collect alien specimens while avoiding other creatures on a web.

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