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This Videopac can be used to display several messages on your TV set. Carry out the following instructions to store a message.


A question mark is shown at the bottom left of the screen. This asks what you want to do.

Press key 1

A square is shown on the screen. Use the keyboard to enter the basic message to be displayed (max. 73 characters). If your message is shorter than this, end with ENTER. An example: VIDEOPAC COMPUTER - FUN EXCITEMENT AND EDUCATION FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY. This is the message that will eventually be displayed.

Press key 2

Type in the time (HH MM SS) when you wish the interrupt message to appear. If you type e.g. 143010, the message will appear at 10 seconds past 2.30pm.

If you enter 00 for the hours, the interrupt message will be displayed at the given number of minutes and seconds past each hour. For example 001530 gives 15½ minutes after each hour.

You can instead display the interrupt message more frequently by typing 80 for the hours. If e.g. 802303 is typed in, the message will be displayed the next time the clock reads 23 minutes past the hour, and repeated every 3  minutes.

When you have entered the time, a square appears on the screen. Now enter the interrupt message (max. 25 characters). If message is shorter than this, end with ENTER. An example: TRY THE NEW VIDEOPAC NOW. This will be displayed for approximately 30 seconds each time.

Press key 3

Type in the actual time (HH MM SS). The 24-hour clock starts running when the last figure is entered.

Press key 4

When you press this key, the basic message will be displayed, replaced (at the specified times) by the interrupt message. If you wish to stop the display press any key except RESET. The question mark will be displayed, and you can then press key 5.

Press key 5

While the messages are displayed, the time of day is shown on the screen. This is replaced every few seconds by a row of zeroes. You can enter three words here to replace the time display. Type in 3 words of 8 letters each. These words should be type continuously, with spaces where necessary. For example: VIDEOPACCOMPUTER G7000 or JONES QUALITY PRODUCTS. If the last word is less than 8 letters, finish off with spaces.

You have now entered your messages. The last two keys allow you to change the colour on the screen, and correct mistakes in your messages.

Key 6

Press one of the following keys to change the background colour on the TV set.

R = red
G = green
B = blue
Y = yellow/red
T = turquoise
P = purple

Key 7

The key can be used to correct mistakes in a message. A square is shown on the screen, in which the message letters will be shown. Press the ENTER key repeatedly until you reach the part to be changed, then enter the first new character. Press ENTER and enter the next character, and so on. The computer will give a buzz for each letter changed.

The basic message is displayed first, and the the interrupt message. When all changes are made, use ENTER to step the character counter down to zero.


When entering messages and times, you do not need to enter them in the above order. Thus after entering the basic message (key 1), you can immediately change the colour of the screen (key 6).


When RESET is pressed, all information entered will be erased.

Special characters for languages

The + - × ÷ = and CLEAR keys are reserved for special characters. (not used with key 5).

÷ "
= °
× /
+ '
- `

A ÷ gives Ä, O × gives Ø, etc.

For reference

Key 1 Enter basic message.
Key 2 Enter interrupt time (or 00...., 80....) and message.
Key 3 Enter time of day.
Key 4 Run. Press any key to stop.
Key 5 Enter text for time display.
Key 6 Colour of screen.
Key 7 Correct basic message using ENTER key.

After playing

Each time a game is finished press RESET. "SELECT GAME" is shown on the screen. Now:

  1. Select another game.
  2. Select another Videopac. Remove existing Videopac by placing one hand next to it, and pulling handle upwards. Replace Videopac in its box. Refer now to intructions for use of the next Videopac.
  3. Plug aerial back into TV, and unplug the Videopac Computer from the mains.

Check procedure

If you suspect a fault in the equipment follow this procedure (with a Videpac installed). Press RESET. The TV will emit a short sound, and "SELECT GAME" should appear on your TV screen. If not, ensure that the equipment is set up properly as detailed in the Instructions for Use (both of the equipment, and of the Videopac used). If the fault remains, take both the equipment and Videopac to your dealer.

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