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Copyright 1982 North American Philips Consumer Electronics Corp.
Odyssey is a Trademark of the Magnavox Company.

  1. Be Sure the Power Button on the Odyssey2 console is in the OFF (UP) position. This will protect the electronic components of both the Console and the Synthesizer.

    Important! For best performance replace your Odyssey2 AC adaptor with the new one enclosed. (If your present adaptor has a male plug, a special plug adaptor is included.)

  2. Insert the Synthesizer carefully into the cartridge slot of the console. Guide it in firmly but without using force. (See illustrations #1 & #2.)

    The Voice
  3. Insert a game cartridge into the cartridge slot of the Synthesizer. Press the Power Button and activate the cartridge by following its accompanying instructions.

  4. Adjust the volume control. Slide it to the right to increase volume. Minimum volume will be heard when the control is in the left position.

  5. All Odyssey2 cartridges may be played through the Odyssey2 Voice Synthesizer. If you are playing a game that is not in the Voice Series, slide the volume control all the way to the left to minimize unwanted noise.

  6. IMPORTANT! Do not remove the Synthesizer once it is fitted into the console. This can cause unnecessary wear on the connecting components. If you should ever find it necessary to remove the Synthesizer, be sure the power is turned off.

  7. You can use a soft, slightly damp cloth to clean the exterior of the Synthesizer and the Console. DO NOT IMMERSE IN WATER. Clean up any liquid spills promptly.

  8. Do not expose the Synthesizer, Console or hand controls to extreme heat.

  9. Be sure the Power Button is in the OFF (UP) position when your Odyssey2 is not in use, then unplug the AC adaptor from the 120V outlet.

IB 3977-1 AC 7605

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