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Welcome to the unofficial Odyssey2 Video Game Archive
Here you will find instructions, box scans , cartridge scans , and screen shots for all the U.S. Odyssey2 released game cartridges.

U.S. Odyssey2 games
Game Title
Alien Invaders - Plus!      
Alpine Skiing!      
Amok! (John Dondzila)      
Armored Encounter! / Sub Chase!      
Atlantis (Imagic)      
Attack of the TimeLord!      
Blockout! / Breakdown!      
Bowling! / Basketball!      
Calculator! (René van den Enden) - soon!      
Casino Slot Machine!      
Computer Golf!      
Computer Intro!      
Conquest of the World      
Cosmic Conflict!      
Demon Attack (Imagic)      
Electronic Table Soccer!      
Freedom Fighters!      
Great Wall Street Fortune Hunt      
Hockey! /Soccer!      
Invaders From Hyperspace!      
I've Got Your Number!      
K.C. Munchkin!      
K.C.'s Krazy Chase!      
Keyboard Creations!      
Kill The Attacking Aliens (Soren Gust) - soon      
Killer Bees!      
Las Vegas Blackjack!      
Matchmaker! / Logix! / Buzzword!      
Math-A-Magic! / Echo!      
Mr. Roboto! (Ted Szczypiorski)      
Nimble Numbers N.E.D.!      
Out Of This World! / Helicopter Rescue!      
P.T. Barnum's Acrobats!      
Pick Axe Pete!      
Pinball! (Demo) - has no manual      
Planet Lander (Ted Szczypiorski)      
Pocket Billiards!      
Pong (René van den Enden)      
Puzzle Piece Panic (Ted Szczypiorski) - new      
Quest For The Rings      
Showdown in 2100 A.D.!      
SID the Spellbinder!      
Speedway! /Spinout! /Crypto-Logic!      
Take The Money And Run!      
Type and Tell!      
War of Nerves!      
Odyssey2 Owner's Manual      
The Voice Installation Instructions      
O2 Instructions A-Z (text) new (09/03/06)      

Note: All games titles, company names, and instructions are owned by their respective company and are not affiliated with this Web Page in any way. Use of instruction material is for the aid of those game players who don't have access to the original manuals. Use of the text and graphics of the game program instructions should not be interpreted as a challenge to trademark or copyright status.

Special thanks to the following people for helping complete the U.S. game list:
John Dondzila (for permission to post his Amok! instructions.)
René van den Enden (for permission to post instructions for his homebrew game and application - the instructions were created by myself with some help from René, and artwork was done by Earl Green! Thanks also to René for being one of the most knowledgeable, helpful and friendliest O2/Videopac persons I have met on the net!)
Jason Gohlke (Computer Intro and some others)
Soren Gust (for permission to post Kill The Attacking Aliens, and for supplying me with his original manual graphics!)
Ted Szczypiorski - (for permission to post his homebrew game instructions, and for his help in dealing with Adobe Acrobat when creating the Calculator instructions!)

Odyssey2 - Shortly after Atari introduced the 2600, Magnavox came out with its own cartridge-based game system, the Odyssey 2. This bulky but lightweight system had an alpha-numeric keyboard, which unfortunately wasn't used for much except game selection and entering messages on the screen. The joysticks were somewhat better than the average, but were hardwired to the console, making it almost impossible to replace them with anything else (I say almost, because I added standard Atari connectors to the back of mine). In 1981, 'The Voice' module was released, which added speech and better sound to specific games designed for it - what few there were.

A lot of games for the Odyssey 2 were very similar to Atari 2600 games, but with much simpler graphics and gameplay. The Challenger and Master Strategy Series games, which came out in the later half of the Odyssey era, were of a much better design, even though the graphics still lacked when compared to other current systems. There were also more games released over in Europe, where the system was slightly more popular than in the United States.

Technical Specs:
-Intel 8048 (8-bit) processor, 5.37 MHz, 2.79 micro sec. instruction cycle
-64 bytes Ram internal, 1k Rom internal, 8 level stack,
12 bit address bus with external address latch, 8 bit data bus
-Ram chip 6810, 128 bytes
-VDC Intel 8244 chip (video display controller), 3.58 Mhz, 176 x 122 pixels,
NTSC, 60 frames per second, vertical blanking 22 lines,
16 colors (8 colors with 2 brightness levels),
1 color per Sprite, 8x8 Sprite size, 4 Max Sprites on Screen,
built-in character generator, 64 different characters, 28 max on-screen
-30 pin cartridge port
-Standard cartridge size: 2k, 4k or 8k (some exceptions with extra hardware inside the cart)
-1 sound channel, noise generator, sound generated by 24 bit shift register inside the VDC,
shift frequencies approximately 1kHz or 4Khz, 16 volume levels, mono sound.

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