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It’s the year 8048 and the
battle of the machines has begun!



Always be sure that the power to your Odyssey2 console is turned off before inserting a game cartridge. This protects the electronic components and extends the life of the unit.

  1. Insert the cartridge into the slot of the Odyssey2 console with the label side of the cartridge facing the alpha-numeric keyboard.
  2. Turn on the power by pressing the power button of the console. SELECT GAME will appear on your TV screen. If it does not, press the RESET key on the alpha-numeric keyboard.
  3. Watch as the Machines take over the system!
  4. The Voice enhances this game with the Robots’ hits and by narrating the players’ moves.

(0 or more players)


  1. Press 0 on the alpha-numeric keyboard. This will take you to the MENU screen.

  2. Press 1 to toggle the Red side between a human player (RIGHT controller) or the Odyssey2 (CPU).

  3. Press 2 to toggle the Blue side between a human player (LEFT controller) or the Odyssey2 (CPU).

  4. The Odyssey2 can play itself by selecting CPU for both players.

  5. Press P to toggle the POWER LEVEL between 5 and 10. This sets the power of each robot at the start of the game. Select 5 for a shorter game.

  6. Press V to toggle the Voice between full (+) or partial (-). Select (+) to hear all narration, (-) for just battle banter.

  7. Press ENTER when done to begin play.


It´s the year 8048 and mankind has been anhialated. The computers and machines that were built to help man have become smart enough to rule over – and eventually destroy – all civilization. Now, the once united machines have fractured, and the machines have begun to battle with each other. Two factions remain. Each side has a CPU master and 6 robot warrior servants. The CPUs can´t move, so the robots are sent out to do the dirty work. The goal: shutdown the opposing side´s CPU. Many obstacles are in place to prevent this: the other robots, energy surges, firewalls, viruses, and the CPU´s own laser defenses.

  1. The Map Screen consists of the 7x7 playing grid, the Message Window, and the cursor. Each side begins with 6 robot icons and the CPU icon.

  2. The Red side always moves first.

  3. The goal is to move one of your robots to the opposing side’s CPU, in order to shut it down.

  4. Players take turns. The Message Window will tell you what to do. The color of the cursor, along with the Message Window, indicate who has control of the cursor.

  5. To move a robot, use the controller to move the cursor over one of your robots. Press the action button to select it. The robot will begin to blink.

  6. The cursor will then only be able to move one square in any direction from that robot.

  7. A robot can only move to a square if it is empty or if it is occupied by an opponent’s robot or CPU.

  8. Select which square to move to and press the action button. The robot will then move to the new square.

  9. While the robot is blinking, you can deselect it by moving the cursor over the robot and pressing the action button again.

  1. Or, instead of moving a robot, you can perform a CPU Command.

  2. Move the cursor to your CPU and press the action button. Move your controller up or down to view the available commands. Press the action button to make the selection. Commands include:
    SKIP TURN -- End your turn, giving control to the opposition.
    EXIT -- Cancel the command and make another selection.

  3. There are also three viruses you can send to an opposing robot:
    HALT -- Robot cannot move for 3 turns.
    SLOW - Robot moves at half speed during battle. Lasts for 3 turns.
    HALF -- Robot’s power is cut in half permanently.

  4. After selecting a virus, move your cursor to the robot you want to infect and press the action button.

  5. Recall the virus by selecting either CPU instead of a robot.

  6. You can use each virus only once. Be careful not to send a virus to one of your own robots!

  7. The game is over when a robot has defeated the opposing CPU, or if all robots from both sides have been destoyed, resulting in a draw.

  8. Note: If one side has robots, but the other side does not, the game isn’t over. The CPU is still active and must be shut down.

  1. After zooming in to the Battle Screen, there will be a countdown before the action begins.

  2. To start out, each robot is in their respective corner, holding their Energy Discs. There are 2 circling Power Surges. Each robot has their own Power Gauge in the Message Window. The goal is to diminish all of your opponent’s power.

  3. Move your controller to move your robot in any direction. Avoid touching the Power Surges — doing so will reduce your power by one unit.

  4. Touching the other robot, or their moving Energy Disc, will also reduce your power. If a disc is not moving, it is safe to touch it.

  5. To throw your Energy Disc, move your controller in the direction you want and press the Action Button.

  6. Your Energy Disc will bounce around the area continually. It will only stop if it hits a Power Surge.

  7. If your robot touches its own Energy Disc, it will regain control over it.

  8. The battle is over when at least one robot has no power left. The area will zoom out to the Map Screen and the winning robot will remain in the square.

  9. It is possible for both robots to lose at the same time, resulting in a draw. Neither side will get to keep the square.

  1. After zooming in to the Battle Screen, there will be a countdown before the action begins.

  2. To start out, the attacking robot and the CPU are in their respective corners. In between them are 6 rows of moving Firewalls. Next to the CPU is its missile. Each machine has its own Power Gauge in the Message Window.

  3. The controls and ojectives differ between robot and CPU:

  4. ROBOT — The goal is to shut down the CPU by touching it. Move your controller to move your robot in any direction.

  5. Avoid touching the Firewalls – doing so will drain your power. Also avoid the CPU’s missile – it will drain the robot’s power even faster.

  6. CPU —The goal is to drain the robot’s power before it touches you. Besides the random moving Firewalls, your only defense is the missile. Move your controller up or down to align the missile. Press the Action Button to fire.

Game and instructions ©2006 Ted Szczypiorski – http://www.tedfoolery.com- used here with permission.

Game available from Packrat Video Games

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