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How many Munchies can your Munchkin munch
before your Munchkin's all munched out?????
Myriads of different mazes!


Always be sure that the power to your Odyssey2 console is turned off before inserting a game cartridge. This protects the electronic components and extends the life of the unit.

  1. Insert the cartridge into the slot of the Odyssey2 console with the label side of the cartridge facing the alpha-numeric keyboard.
  2. Turn on the power by pressing the power button of the console. SELECT GAME will appear on your TV screen. If it does not, press the RESET key on the alpha-numeric keyboard.

(1 or more players)
  1. Press 0 on the numeric section of the Odyssey2 keyboard.

  2. The screen will display a MUNCHKIN, three MUNCHERS and 12 MUNCHIES floating in a maze with a rotating center.

  3. The MUNCHKIN is activated by the left hand control.

  4. Push the joystick of the left hand control forward to make the MUNCHKIN go towards the top of the screen. Pull the joystick towards you to make the MUNCHKIN go towards the bottom of the screen. Move the joystick to the left to go left. Move right to go right. MUNCHKINS and MUNCHERS going off one edge of the screen will reenter from the other side.

  5. When a MUNCHKIN munches a MUNCHIE that flashes in different colors on color TV, all of the MUNCHERS will turn purple and can be munched out by the MUNCHKIN until they return to their original colors.

  6. The ghost of a munched out MUNCHER automatically races to the rotating box at the center of the screen where it will recharge and return to the chase.

  7. Scoring:
    The MUNCHKIN receives the following points for munching:





    (if munched out before the first two MUNCHERS are recharged)

  8. Bonus Scoring:
    If a MUNCHKIN munches out all of the MUNCHIES, its turn continues. 12 more MUNCHIES appear and the score is cumulative. (Each time the screen is cleared of MUNCHIES, a higher skill level is required to score additional points.)

  9. The winner is the player who scores the highest number of points over a predetermined number of turns or after a predetermined length of time.

  10. The score of the game in progress is shown at the lower right corner of the screen.

  11. The highest score in a series of games is displayed at the lower left corner of the screen.

  12. Six question marks at the lower center of the screen ask for the name of the high scoring player. The high scoring player enters his or her name through the keyboard. The computer will accept any name up to six letters. If the name is shorter than six letters, press SPACE to erase the remaining question marks. The high score and high scoring player's name will remain on the screen until a higher score is achieved in a succeeding game.

  13. A new game starts automatically immediately after a MUNCHKIN is munched out.

  14. To start a completely new scoring cycle, press RESET and then press the key code for one of the wide variety of mazes available.

  15. Press 0, 1, 2 or 3 to generate the four different standard mazes.

    Press 4 to generate a different maze each time.

    Press 5, 6, 7 or 8 to generate mazes that disappear when your MUNCHKIN is moving. (When a MUNCHKIN runs into walls of maze, the maze will reappear momentarily).

    Press 9 to generate a different invisible maze each time.

  16. There is virtually no limit to the number of mazes available because you can program your own. The addition or deletion of only one line in a maze changes the strategic requirements of the game completely - and you have the capability to change every line if you wish.

  17. Press RESET.

    Press P.

    K.C. MUNCHKIN is now in the programming mode.

    IMPORTANT: Do not completely block off any section of a maze. Paths must always remain open.

  18. The letters A through G run down the left side of the screen. The numbers 1 through 9 run across the bottom of the screen. These serve as coordinates to identify the positions at which you wish to add or delete maze lines.

  19. You can either start with the maze on the screen or:

    Press 0-3 for different standard mazes.

    Press 4 to access a wider variety of visible mazes.

    Press 5-8 for different invisible mazes.

    Press 9 to access a wider variety of invisible mazes.

    After you select a start-up maze, press ENTER.

  20. To delete a vertical line:
    1. Locate the line by its letter and number coordinates.
    2. Press the number on the numeric sections of the keyboard.
    3. Press the letter on the alphabet section of the keyboard.
    4. Press CLEAR. The vertical line will disappear.

  21. To add a vertical line:
    1. Locate the coordinates for the position at which you wish to insert the line.
    2. Press the number.
    3. Press the letter.
    4. Press ENTER.

  22. To delete a horizontal line:
    1. Locate the line by its letter and number coordinates.
    2. Press the letter.
    3. Press the number.
    4. Press CLEAR.

  23. To add a horizontal line:
    1. Locate the coordinates of the position at which you wish to insert the line.
    2. Press the letter.
    3. Press the number.
    4. Press ENTER.

  24. In summary, pressing the letter first will affect horizontal lines. Press the number first will affect vertical lines.

  25. When you have programmed the maze to your specifications, press YES or Y and the game will start.

IMPORTANT: It is not possible to remove the rotating block at the center of the screen. The block will be enclosed on all four sides until the YES key is pressed. If a MUNCHIE enters the rotating cube, it may possibly come out through one of the lines in its effort to elude the MUNCHKIN.
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