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Ozyr's Philips & Jopac Archive

Welcome to the unofficial Philips & ToTek/Jopac Video Game Archive
Here you will find instructions, box scans , cartridge scans , and screen shots for European released Philips and ToTek/Jopac game cartridges.

European PHILIPS games

[Multilingual instruction manuals are marked with a '*' symbol.]
[Games are made by Philips, ToTek/Jopac, unless noted.]
[ = I have, but have not posted yet]

Cart #
Philips Videopacs
(U.S. Equivalent)
4 in 1 Row (4 en 1 Ligne)
Europe only release      
#58+ Air Battle (G7400) Europe/Brazil release only      
#04 Air-Sea War /Battle *
(Bataille Navale - Philips/Radiola/Siera)
Armored Encounter!/Sub Chase!      
#03 American Football *
(Foot Américain - Philips/Radiola)
  Atlantis (Imagic)        
#48 Backgammon Europe only release      
#08 Baseball (Philips/Radiola)        
#26 Basket Game
(Jeu de Paniers - Philips/Radiola)
#30 Battlefield
(Champ de Bataile - Philips/Radiola)
War of Nerves!      
#05 Blackjack * (Philips/Radiola) Las Vegas Blackjack!      
#57 Blobbers        
#19 Catch the Ball / Noughts and Crosses
(Attrape la Balle)
Europe/Brazil release only      
  Chess Module Europe only release      
#17 Chinese Logic *
(Logique Chinoise)
Europe/Brazil release only      
#09 Computer Programmer
(Programation - Philips/Radiola)
Computer Intro!      
#41 Conquest of the World
(La Conquête du Monde)



Cosmic Conflict - (Philips/Siera)
(Guerre de L'Espace - Philips/Radiola)
Cosmic Conflict (G7400)
#44 Crazy Chase
(Super Glouton)
K.C.'s Krazy Chase!      
#29 Dam Buster *
(Le Mûr Magique - Philips/Radiola)
  Demon Attack (Imagic)        
#16 Depth Charge /Marksman
(Bataille sous Marine - Philips/Radiola)
Europe/Brazil release only      
#35 Electronic Billiards
(Billard Américain - Philips/Radiola)
Pocket Billiards!      
#36 Electronic Ice Hockey /Soccer
(Hockey/Football électronique -
#27 Electronic Table Football
(Football de Table - Philips/Radiola)
Electronic Table Soccer!      
#28 Electronic Volleyball
(Volleyball - Philips/Radiola)
#24 Flipper Game (Philips/Siera)
(Flipper - Philips/Radiola)
#39 Freedom Fighters
Freedom Fighters+ (G7400)
(Combattants de la Liberté - Philips/Radiola)
  Frogger (Parker Brothers)        
#10 Golf - (Philips/Radiola/Siera) Computer Golf!      
#46 Great Wall Street Fortune Hunt        
#14 Gunfighter *
(Duel - Philips/Radiola)
Showdown in 2100 A.D.!      
#59+ Helicopter Rescue (G7400 only)        
  Interpol - (GST/N.Sapin)        
#33 Jumping Acrobats
(Les Acrobates - Philips/Radiola)
#52+ Killer Bees * (G7400)
(La Ruche Infernale)
  Kill The Attacking Aliens (Soren Gust)
[Released in U.S., but created in Europe]
  Kinder Im Verkehr 1
(German release only)
#32 Labyrinth Game /Supermind
(Le Labyrinthe - Philips/Radiola)
Europe only release      
#18 Laser War
(Guerre Lazer - Philips/Radiola)
#23 Las Vegas Gambling
(Las Vegas - Philips/Radiola)
#54+ Looney Balloon * (G7400)
(La Ballon Fou)
#07 Mathematician /Echo
(Matemágica! /Jogo da Memória!)
(Mathématicien - Philips/Radiola)
  Microsoft BASIC        
#37 Monkeyshines
(Singeries - Philips/Radiola)
#45 Morse        
#47 Mousing Cat        
#38 Munchkin (Philips/Siera)
(Glouton et Voraces - Philips/Radiola)
#31 Musician (Philips/Siera)
(Musicien - Philips/Radiola)
#55 Neutron Star (G7400)
(L'Etoile a Neutrons)
#A Newscaster
(Laufschrift - German release)
#53+ Nightmare * (G7400)
Europe only release      
#56+ Norseman * (G7400)
(La Casque d'Or)
#02 Pairs /Space Rendezvous /Logic
Pick Axe Pete
Pick Axe Pete+ * (G7400)
(Peter Tête de Pioche)
#13 Playschool Math
(Maths Amusantes - Philips/Radiola)
  Popeye (Parker Brothers) Europe/Brazil release only      
  Q*bert (Parker Brothers) Europe/Brazil release only      
#42 Quest for the Rings
(La Quête des Anneux)



Race /Spinout /Cryptogram
(Course de Voitures - Philips/Radiola/Siera)
(Race+ - Philips)
#15 Samurai (Philips/Radiola)        



Satellite Attack (Philips/Siera)
(Les Satellites Attaquent - Philips/Radiola/Siera)
(Satellite Attack - G7400)
#21 Secret of the Pharoahs
(Secret des Pharaons)
#25 Skiing (Ski - Philips/Radiola)        
#22 Space Monster (Philips/Siera)
(Le Monstre de l'Espace - Philips/Radiola)


Stone Sling
Stone Sling (G7400)
(Catapulte - Philips/Radiola)
#50 Super Bee
(Super Frelon)
  Super Cobra (Parker Brothers)        
#12 Take the Money and Run
(Prendre l'Argent et Fuir - Philips/Radiola)
#06 Ten Pin Bowling /Basketball
(Jeu de Quilles - Philips/Radiola/Siera)
#51+ Terrahawks (G7400)        
#60+ Trans-American Rally+ * (G7400 only)        
#49 Turtles *
  Verkehrsspiele 1 - CSV        
  Verkehrsspiele 2 - CSV        
ToTek/Jopac (French)
(P.T. Barnum's Acrobats!)
(Armored Encounter! /Sub Chase!)
  Baby Foot
(Electronic Table Football!)
  Basket /Bowling+ (G7400)        
  Billiard+ (G7400)        
  Catapult+ (G7400)        
  Chex Maxime *        
(Cosmic Conflict!)
  Demon Attack+ (G7400)        
  Des Chiffres et des Lettres        
  Grand Prix+ (G7400)
(Race! /Spinout! /Cryptogram!)
(Invaders From Hyperspace!)
  Le Trésor Englouti+ (G7400) (soon)        
(Blockout! /Breakdown!)
  Mith & Math
(I've Got Your Number!)
(Alien Invaders - Plus!)
  Motor Crash+ (G7400 only)        
  Satellit+ (G7400)
(Satellite Attack)
(Electronic Ice Hockey! / Electronic Soccer!)
  Syracuse *        
(Showdown in 2100 A.D.!)

Note: All games titles, company names, and instructions are owned by their respective company and are not affiliated with this Web Page in any way. Use of instruction material is for the aid of those game players who don't have access to the original manuals. Use of the text and graphics of the game program instructions should not be interpreted as a challenge to trademark or copyright status.

If you can help supply instructions for any of the missing games - preferably a hard copy - I would be very grateful. Email me if you can help complete this site.

Special thanks to the following people for helping complete the Philips/Jopac game list:
René van den Enden (who has helped with many of the Philips and Jopac instructions)
Soeren Gust (who helped fill a few Philips instructions gaps)
Rikard Ljungkvist (Philips instructions)

Philips -

Technical Specs (G7000):
-Intel 8048 (8-bit) processor, 5.91 MHz, 2.54 micro sec. instruction cycle
-64 bytes Ram internal, 1k Rom internal, 8 level stack,
12 bit address bus with external address latch, 8 bit data bus
-Ram chip 6810, 128 bytes
-VDC Intel 8245 chip (video display controller), 3.54 Mhz, 176 x 122 pixels,
PAL, 50 frames per second, vertical blanking 72 lines,
16 colors (8 colors with 2 brightness levels),
1 color per Sprite, 8x8 Sprite size, 4 Max Sprites on Screen,
built-in character generator, 64 different characters, 28 max on-screen
-30 pin cartridge port
-Standard cartridge size: 2k, 4k or 8k (some exceptions with extra hardwar inside the cart)
-1 sound channel, noise generator, sound generated by 24 bit shift register inside the VDC,
shift frequencies approximately 1kHz or 4Khz, 16 volume levels, mono sound.

Technical Specs (G7400):
Same as G7000, except for the following:
-EF9340/9341 videochip set, 320 x 238 pixels, 40 x 24 characters
-Some G7400 consoles have RGB output

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