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Ozyr's Odyssey2/Philips Cheats and Tips

Here is a listing of all known (at least by me) cheats for the
Odyssey2 and Philips games.

(If you know of any more, please let me know!)

Odyssey/Philips Game List
Baseball! Labyrinth Game Spinout!
Basketball! Monkeyshines! Take the Money and Run!
Freedom Fighters! Pick Axe Pete! Thunderball!
The Great Wall Street Fortune Hunt!  The Quest for the Rings!  Turtles!
K.C. Munchkin! Showdown in 2100 A.D. UFO!
K.C.'s Krazy Chase! Smithereens! War of Nerves!
Killer Bees! Soccer!

Top of PageBaseball!

When the ball is thrown back to the pitcher, presss the action button the instant he catches it. The bat will stop in a bunt position.


Stand under either basket and bounce the ball into the corner at just the right spot (move up against the wall, then tap three times back the other way on the joystick). The ball will come out at the top of the screen and proceed to bounce like mad!

Top of PageFreedom Fighters!

In either mode, use the left-hand controller to move your ship to the extreme right side of the screen, and move left using the hyperspace control (or vice versa). This way you will have longer to shoot or evade ships.

The Great Wall Street Fortune Hunt!

Enter a name into an account, and wait for the price to display. Do not press Enter. Scroll to another account, and the stock and price you entered will display. Press CLEAR to clear the account. Scroll back the the account you first entered. It will be blank, except for the price, which will match the stock you entered. Enter a number of shares to purchase and press ENTER. You will get shares for an unlisted stock labeled BM¥. This stock's value will equal IBM's, but the game will act as if you purchased it at the value of the first stock you keyed in. If the purchase price of BM¥ is lower than IBM, you get a free profit.

Wait until at least one stock goes bankrupt (worth 00). Buy a lot of the bankrupt stock. When a positive News Flash breaks, buy a lot of shares of a very low-value stock (not a bankrupt one). Then, start selling shares of your bankrupt stock. While you keep the game busy by selling, the positive News Flash won't change. Your other stocks will continue to rise higher, up to 99. Then sell it for big money!

Top of PageK.C. Munchkin!

Once you rack up enough points and the game is moving fast, your Munckin's jaws must actually close on a Munchie to devour it - otherwise is will pass through you!

K.C.'s Krazy Chase!

Pick maze '0' (zero), and move K.C. into the square close to where the Dratapillar appears. When the Dratapillar passes under K.C., eat the part behind the head and then the entire body. Do this on each level. Do not do this if the Dratapilliar eats a tree before passing under K.C.

Top of PageKiller Bees!

Hold '1' down and press Reset. The game will play at half-speed, but without scoring.

Hold '2' down and press Reset. Enemy bees cannot harm the player's bees, but without scoring. (Holding down '5' or '6' and pressing Reset also duplicates this cheat.)

Hold '?' and press Reset. 'BEES BY ROSHA' will display at the top of the screen. ROSHA is short for RObert S HArris, the games programmer. (Actually, if you watch very carefully when a game starts, this message flashes at the top of the screen for a very brief moment).

Enter the following into the high score field at the end of the game. Afterwards, a three digit code will appear.
'+'   Displays 'RLC'. Robert Cheezem - programmer of Smithereens and Type and Tell.
'-' Displays 'SRO'. Sam Overton - programmer for most of the Odyssey2 sport games, plus some other games.
'*' Displays 'JMB'. Jim Butler - programmed Acrobats and Turtles.
'/' Displays 'AWP'. Alan Pearson - was a technician of the O2 team.
'.' Displays 'REX'. Rex Battenberg - wrote some prototypes that were never released.
'?' Displays 'RSH'. Robert S Harris - programmer of Killer Bees.
'=' Displays a three digit code. This was supposed to be used to verify high scores, but was never used by the Odyssey2's parent company.

Labyrinth Game

To get to the right side of the screen fast, just move your cursor against the top of the maze. You will pass through the wall, and can move over to the right rather fast. Or just go to the left side of the screen, and you'll have completed the maze even quicker.

Top of PageMonkeyshines!

Program a maze so that no horizontal bars are on a side of the screen, except for one at the top. Hang out at the top until all the monkeys (or as many as possible) are on top of your man. Then tag the monkeys against the near wall. As you fall, keep the action button pressed down and you will retage the monkeys, over and over again, scoring many points.

Pick Axe Pete!

Always jump at the doors when you have a key. This way, if you get hit by a boulder, you will still survive when you reach the door.

Pick mine number 6. Make you way to the top left of the screen as quickly as possible, before the pick wears out. Stay slightly away from the wall, jumping over boulders while waiting for a key to appear. Jump straight up over single boulders, and to the right over multiple ones. Do not go after keys on the right side of the screen, unless all five boulders are visible on the screen (there can only be five boulders at most!). Once you have a Key, jump to reach the door. Repeat this for very high scores.

Get as close to a door without getting thrown out. The boulders will go right through you.

Top of PageThe Quest for the Rings!

If the Warrior 'swords' two or more Orcs or Firewraths quickly, they may land on each other at the side of the screen. At this point, they are stuck and cannot move to attack!

Also, if the Warrior's companion is being eaten by a Spyder or Bloodthirst, the Warrior can hit them, making them both appear on the right edge of the screen.

Showdown in 2100 A.D.

If you run out of bullets, get inside your opponent and work your way to your tree while inside him.

Top of PageSmithereens!

Choose game variation 0 (zero) with the Voice unit attached to the Odyssey2 (this won't work without the Voice). Hit your opponent's castle, and when the explosion starts, press and hold the joystick. The instant the explosion stops, release the joystick, and you will hit his castle again.


The bottom of both nets is a week spot. You can score a goal by going under either of the goals with the ball, pushing your player up against the corner of the goal, and pressing the action button.

Top of PageSpinout!

If you crash on the top part of the complicated trach, you can somtimes crash repeatedly and be force outside the track. This way you can move off to the other side of the screen.

At the starting line, the red car can cause the opponent to spin out by nudging the opponent's car.

Start going clockwise around the track, which will save you at least one second.

Take the Money and Run!

Walk into a vertical wall while holding the joystick in that direction. While holding the joystick, push Up or Down rapidly and let go of the joystick. If done correctly, you will start bouncing up and down against the wall, depending on the directly you pressed (Up will move down, down will move up). While doing this, your man can pass through horizontal walls. Going off the top or bottom of the screen returns your man to his starting position. Pressing the action button makes your man bounce quicker.

Use this trick to avoid being tagged by a robot. Stand so that the robot walks through your feet (even with the robot's arm). The robot should pass through your feet. If you pick the correct place, the robot will head towards your head, and will pass through it.

Move one of the men so that he "gets inside' of the other (so it looks like there's only one man). This must be done perfectly. This trick allows you to be impervious to the robot chasing you (i.e. the robot tries to get you, but instead runs into the man you're "inside of.")

Top of PageThunderball!

When shooting the ball, push and hold the action button, then release the ball immediately. You will score a backfield bumper for 4,000 points.


Hold down '?', then press and release RESET. The sign on the Turtle Hotel will show 'WRITTEN BY J. BUTLER'.


Shoot only the three-point UFOs, using the 1-point UFOs as a shield against the Starship.

Top of PageWar of Nerves!

If you are directly on top of one of your robots, you can't be captured (only when you are on top of it).

You can summon your men up into the top left-hand corner, which when all jumbled in the score area can sometimes create a lightbar that shoots straight down, while kind of pulsing. If the enemy general goes in there, he can either get stuck or get pushed off the screen.

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