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Arquivo brasileiro de Odyssey do Ozyr (Ozyr's Odyssey Brazil Archive)

Bem vindo ao arquivo brasileiro não-oficial do video game Odyssey
( Welcome to the unofficial Odyssey Brazil Video Game Archive)
Aqui você encontrará instruções, scans das caixas e telas para jogos de Odyssey lançados no Brasil.
( Here you will find instructions, box scans *, cartridge scans *, and screen shots * for Brazilian released Odyssey game cartridges.)
(* coming soon)

Jogos brazilian de PHILIPS
( Brazilian PHILIPS games)

[ = Eu tenho, mas ainda não disponibilizei
(I have, but have not posted yet)]

Game Title (U.S./Europe Equivalent)      
A Conquista de Mundo! Conquest of the World      
Abelhas Assassinas! Killer Bees!      
Acerta Seu Numero! I've Got Your Number!      
Acoplagem! / Resgate! Out of this World! / Helicopter Rescue!      
Acróbatas! P.T. Barnum's Acrobats!      
Alien Invaders - Plus!      
Bacará! Las Vegas Blackjack!      
Balão Travesso! Looney Balloon!      
Barão Vermelho! Air Battle      
Barricada! /Demolicão! Blockout! /Breakdown!      
Batalha Medieval! Smithereens!      
Besbol! Baseball!      
Bilhar! Pocket Billiards!      
Boliche! /Basquetebol! Bowling! /Basketball!      
Bombardeio Submarino! / Tiro ao Alvo! Depthcharge! /Marksman!      
Buraco Negro! Neutron Star      
Caca Niqueis! Casino Slot Machine!      
Clay Pigeon! Brazil only commercial release      
Commando Noturno! Brazil only commercial release      
Come-Come! K.C.'s Krazy Chase!      
Come-Come II! K.C. Munchkin!      
Conflito Cósmico! Cosmic Conflict!      
Criatividade! Keyboard Creations!      
Defensores da Liberdade! Freedom Fighters!      
Demon Attack        
Desafio Chinès! Chinese Logic!      
Didi na Mina Encantada! Pick Axe Pete!      
Duelo no Velho Oeste! Showdown in 2100 A.D.!      
Em Busca dos Aneìs Perdidos Quest for the Rings      
Esqui nos Alpes! Alpine Skiing!      
Fliperama! Thunderball!      
Formula 1! /Interlagos! /Cryptologic! Speedway! /Spinout! /Crypto-Logic!      
Futebol Americano! Football      
Futebol Eletrönico! Electronic Table Soccer!      
Futebol de Salão! /Hockey! Hockey! /Soccer!      
Golfe! Computer Golf!      
Guerre de Nervos! War of Nerves!      
Invasores do Cosmos! Invaders From Hyperspace!      
Lógica Chinesa! Dynasty      
Macacos Me Mordam! Monkeyshines!      
Matemagica!/Jogo da Memoria! Math-A-Magic! /Echo!      
O Gato e o Rato! The Mousing Cat!      
O Malabarista! /Jogo da Velha! Catch the Ball! /Noughts and Crosses!      
O Segredo do Farao! Secret of the Pharaohs!      
Os Panzers Atacam! /Batalha Aeronaval! ‡   Armored Encounter! /Sub Chase!      
OVNI! UFO!      
Pegue o Dinheiro e Corra! Take the Money and Run!      
Senhor das Trevas! Attack of the Timelord!      
Serpente do Poder! Power Lords!      
Super Bee!        
Super Cobra        
Tartarugas! Turtles!      
Telegrafista! Morse!      
Voleibol! Volleyball!      
Wall Street The Great Wall Street Fortune Hunt      

Brazil Prototypes (unreleased games and hardware)
Game Title (U.S./Europe Equivalent)      
A Turma da Mônica! Brazil only (Monica's Gang)      
Nimble Numbers NED!          
S.I.D. the Spellbinder!        
The Voice        
Type and Tell!        

Note: All games titles, company names, and instructions are owned by their respective company and are not affiliated with this Web Page in any way. Use of instruction material is for the aid of those game players who don't have access to the original manuals. Use of the text and graphics of the game program instructions should not be interpreted as a challenge to trademark or copyright status.

Special thanks to the following people for helping complete the Brazil game list:
Luiz Bonaccorsi

If you can help supply instructions for any of the missing games - preferably a hard copy - I would be very grateful. Email me if you can help complete this site

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