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The ancient city of Atlantis, a city beneath the sea, a civilization greater than any the world has ever seen...

One day a low drone is heard throughout the ocean metropolis. The stars go out. Gorgon vessels fill the sky, pounding the city mercilessly. A cry reaches every citizen -

"Defend Atlantis - before it becomes a watery grave!"

Game Objective

Defend Atlantis! Blast Gorgon vessels before they come close enough to demolish Atlantis with the deathray. Score big and you can rebuild a portion of the city the Gorgons have demolished.

Game ends when all six sections of Atlantis have been leveled.

Atlantis is a 1-Player Game

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Game Play

You command the two Atlantean sentry posts with your left joystick controller.

Secret Weapon

When things look desperately bad for the Atlantean defenders, a secret weapon can help even the odds! Destroy a sky full of Gorgon ships by unleashing the Blitz Bomb!

Don't be impulsive! You receive only one Blitz Bomb per wave. Listen for the 8 beeps that tell you when a wave ends.


You score each time you vaporize a Gorgon vessel. You must hit the ship directly to score.

Destroy a Gorgon ship: 250 points.

A damaged or destroyed Domed Palace is only replaced at the end of a wave. Should the entire city be leveled before the end of a wave, no new Domed Palace appears. The game ends.

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