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Ozyr's Odyssey2 Archive Index

Welcome to the unofficial Odyssey2 (Philips) Video Game Archive
Instructions, box scans , cartridge scans , and screen shots for U.S. Odyssey2, European and Brazilian released game cartridges.

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Brazilian games
European games
Odyssey2 Hardware & Non-Cartridge Items (includes Prototypes) 
Odyssey2 Hardware Hacks and Fixes

Odyssey2/Philips Links

Bas en Ditta - personal webiste of Bas, a huge Videopac collector, plus the place for some special games.
Classic Consoles Center - Dieter Koenig's classic gaming site!
Dan B's Odyssey 2 Tech Page - home of O2EM and technical info.
Manopac's site - Info on programming the Videopac / Odyssey2!
Odyssey2 Home Page - one of the top Odyssey2/Philips sites on the net.
Packrat Video Games - source of classic video games and new Odyssey games!
Phosphor Dot Fossils - The Logbook.com's Odyssey2 Archive!
René van den Enden - Pong for the Odyssey and a 220 game ROM download!
TedFoolery - Ted Szczypiorski, creator of some rather good Videopac / Odyssey2 games.
Videopac/Odyssey2 Forum - The Videopac and Odyssey2 Forum.

Ozyr's Classic Video Game Emporium Index

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