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Ozyr's Astrocade (Bally Arcade) Instruction Archive

Welcome to the unofficial Astrocade (Bally Arcade) Video Game Instruction Site.
Here you will find the instructions needed to play Astrocade game cartridges.

280 Zzzap/Dodgem
Amazin' Maze/Tic-Tac-Toe
Artillery Duel
Astro Battle (Space Invaders)
Astrocade Pinball (Bally Pin)
Bally BASIC - Demo
Black Jack/Poker/Acey Deucey  
Blast Droids
Coloring Book
Cosmic Raiders
Creative Crayon
Drag Race/Desert Fox
Elementary Math/Bingo Math  
Galactic Invasion (Galaxian)
Grand Prix/Demolition Derby
Incredible Wizard, The
Letter Match/Spell'NScore/
Ms. Candyman
Music Maker I
New Bally BASIC System
Panzer Attack/Red Barron
Pirate's Chase
Sea Devil
Solar Conquerer
Space Fortress
Star Battle
Tornado Baseball/Tennis/
Treasure Cove
Bally Arcade Owners Manual

Note: All games titles, company names, and instructions are owned by their respective company and are not affiliated with this Web Page in any way. Use of instruction material is for the aid of those game players who don't have access to the original manuals. Use of the text based copy (except where some graphics are necessary) of the game program instructions should not be interpreted as a challenge to trademark or copyright status.

If you can help supply instructions for any of the missing games - preferably a hard copy - I would be very grateful. Email me if you can help complete this site.

Astrocade - The Bally Home Arcade, released just after the Atari 2600, was far ahead of its time. It had a keyboard, great joysticks, and superior graphics (at the time). The games played much better than the ones for other systems, but unfortunately the Bally Arcade did not outlast it competitors. The system even had it's own programming language, Bally Basic, that allowed you to create and save programs. Bally sold out to Astrovision in the later years, who renamed the system to Astrocade.

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