updated 12/30/2012
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Ozyr's Favorite Web Sites

Here are links to some of my favorite videogame web sites.

Some of Ozyr's favorite Web Sites
4Jays - Buy & sell new & used video games, systems & accessories!
AtariAge - Everything Atari. Have you played Atari today?
B&C ComputerVisions - parts and accessories for Atari Games and Computers.
Best Electronics - Replacement parts and more for Atari Game systems and computers.
Blue Sky Rangers - Home of the Intellivision programmers.
Classic Gaming - Hosts quite a few video game sites, plus has a large ROM section.
Digital Press - One of the best VideoGame Fanzines around, and a cool site too.
Game Over - Classic videogame memories.
Good Deal Games - Classic games, articles, news and so much more.
Intellivision World - website dedicted to the first 16 bit videogame system.
KONSOLE4US - portal for many different video gaming consoles. New
Nintendo Repair Shop - Nintendo NES Repair Specialists, plus games and systems too.
Odyssey2 Home Page - One of the best Odyssey2/Philips homepages on the net!
Pack Rat Video Games - Specializing in 2600 and Odyssey2 homebrews and hacks.
Vectrex News - all things vectrex - news, downloads, pictures, and so much more!

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