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You're a hunter on a jungle safari. The jungle is full of creatures determined to give you a run for your life, but none of them can match the mischief of CONGO BONGO, the gorilla.

The object of the game is to get even with CONGO while collecting as many points as possible. But watch your step... one slip and it's safari heaven!

CONGO BONGO features:


When you turn the game on you see the CONGO BONGO logo screen with the high score. The screen changes and asks you to choose one or two players and if the game is controlled by joystick.

When The Joystick is used, player one uses the left control and player two uses the right control. The joystick is used to make the hunter walk or climb. The fire button is used to make the hunter jump.

In a two player game the players take turns alternately.


THE SCREEN AND GAME PLAY CONGO BONGO consists of two separate jungle scenes. Above the jungle scenes you see player scores and to the right of each score is the number of lives that player has left indicated by small hunters. Between each player's score is the player number, one or two. The bonus points and the play level are at the upper right corner of the screen.

The first screen takes you to Jungle Mountain. Here you try to reach CONGO at the top of his perch. You must climb up the mountain while avoiding the coconuts falling from the top of CONGO's perch. You lose one of your three lives when you:

When you jump across the chasm the cliff falls and you can't jump back.

You then climb to Monkey Plateau. At the first level of play no monkeys jump on you. At the second level, one monkey can jump on you, preventing you from going farther. After the second level of play, two monkeys can jump on you and actually throw you over the cliff. To get the monkeys off your back, you must jump three times without moving directions.

After you cross the river, avoiding the coconuts, you will reach CONGO's perch then automatically move to the next screen.

Now you've reached The Great River. Try to cross the lagoon on lily pads, by jumping on islands, hippos and fishes and once you've crossed, watch out for charging rhinos on the other side.

Just as in screen #1, the jungle dangers increase as the play levels advance.

  1. The lily pads shrink each round.
  2. At the first and second levels the fish won't open their mouths to snap at you. At levels three and four only the two fish on the far right open their mouths. From the fifth play level up, all four fish open their mouths to snap at you. When you are on a fish that snaps you lose one life. The fish will warn you before they snap by changing the color of their heads to yellow.

    When you reach the other side of the river you have to watch for raging rhinos. When you reach the sleeping CONGO, you get to give him the hot foot he deserves. After a brief pause to enjoy your victory you automatically find yourself back at screen #1 but at the next, more difficult play level. On screen #2 you lose a life each time you:


Each step the hunter takes awards 10 points. Jumping onto a hippo, fish, or lily pad awards 100 points. Jumping across the chasm awards 500 points.

Each screen begins with a BONUS amount that increases as play level increases.


The BONUS is reduced every tick of the game clock. If the bonus is reduced to 0000 before reaching the screen end the hunter will run out of time and lose one life.

The hunter has three lives per game. But if the total score reaches 10,000 points, one additional life will be awarded and the extra play screen will occur immediately.

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