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To insert your 5200™ game cartridge, hold the cartridge so the name on the label faces toward you and reads right-side-up. Then carefully insert the cartridge into the slot in the center of the console unit. Be sure the cartridge is firmly seated, but do not force it. The POWER ON/OFF switch is located on the bottom right side of the ATARI 5200. Press this switch to turn the power on AFTER inserting your game cartridge. See your Owner's Manual for further information.


I may be young, but I'm no baby! I'm a star just like my folks, Pac-Man (tm) and Ms. Pac-Man (tm). And I've got twice their energy! Come play with me! We'll race around giant playgrounds. We'll chase down magic candy and run from ghostly bullies who'll tickle me to death if they catch me. My playgrounds are full of challenging mazes with corners and alleys to hide in. I run faster than a speeding roller skate, ducking behind barriers, dodging those mean bullies. I can even race from one side of a playground to the other. That's a lot of ground to cover! But I've got to play a lot harder than my folks to live up to the Pac-Man family name. That's why this is a whole new game!


On the playground maze, Jr. Pac-Man runs like mad, eating every dot in sight while trying to avoid the four ghost bullies - Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Tim. You start the game with five turns, and lose a turn every time a bully catches Junior. The game ends when you lose all of your turns. Have Junior eat a power pill when the ghost bullies start closing in. Suddenly, he's stronger than the bullies - they're running from him! Be aggressive and get them! When you gobble a ghost, the eyes float back to the re-incarnation chamber at the center of the playground. There they are re-incarnated and emerge to chase Junior again. Watch for a toy-shaped candy that tromps across the playground. It turns every dot it touches into a bigger dot worth more points. But have Junior eat it before it goes too far - it can destroy the power pills!


Plug your 5200 controller firmly into jack 1 for one-player games. Plug a second controller into jack 2 for two-player games. Use your joystick to joyride throughout the maze. Jr. Pac-Man moves in the same direction you move the joystick. The maze scrolls when Junior moves to the left or right edge of the screen.


When the cartridge is inserted and the POWER is switched on, the game selection screen will appear. If you wish to see a demonstration of the game, just wait a minute or two and the game demo will automatically begin. At the game selection screen, press the # key to choose between a one- or two-player game. Press the * key to choose the skill level you desire.

To START, PAUSE, and RESET a game:

Press START to begin playing a Jr. Pac-Man game.

Press PAUSE to freeze all game play. Press PAUSE again to resume game play. Press PAUSE and then START to start another game at the same skill level. Press PAUSE and then RESET to return to the game selection screen.


When you graduate to each higher level, the playground is faster, tougher, and even more challenging than the one before. At the game selection screen, use the "*" key to choose your skill level.

Teddy Bear
Root Beer


Score points by having Jr. Pac-Man eat the bullies. The more bullies he eats per power pill, the more points you score.

Your score appears at the top of the screen. The number of turns you have left appears at the lower left. Your skill level appears at the lower right.

First ghost
200 points
Second ghost
400 points
Third ghost    800 points
Fourth ghost 1600 points
Teddy Bear 50 points
Tricycle 100 points
Kite 200 points
Drum 500 points
Balloon 700 points
Train 1000 points
Kitty 2000 points
Root Beer 5000 points
Dot 10 points
Dot touched by toy candy 50 points
Energy pill 50 points

At 10,000 points, you earn a bonus turn.
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